Now is the time to get your Private Pilot License at your own schedule

This program is applicable for those have intention to get his pilot licence, but could only use his spare-time from his main profession, job, or study.

A private pilot is the holder of a private pilot license, a pilot is allowed to fly aeroplanes of the category and class that the license designates. Private pilots are not permitted to profit from any flight.

Minimum requirements to get your Private Pilot License:

  • Aviation Medical Certificate Class 2
  • English Proficiency – TOEIC 600
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Aptitude Test

The time necessary for the syllabus to qualify for 141 operations includes the meeting of,

70 hours of ground40 hours flight instruction

Many factors play into the finishing flight time: frequency of flying, cooperative weather, airplane and instrutor scheduling, and lapses in the flight training process. For Executive Program, most likely there is a lapse in between flights, it may be necessary to review maneuvers. The student should feel comfortable performing each task in all previous modules before progressing to the next stage.

Course Timeline

PhasesInstructionsStudent Guide
  • Aviation Medical Certificate Class 2
  • English Proficiency – TOEIC 600
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Aptitude Test
  • Radio Telephony (RTF) Class
  • Attending Scheduled Class (full 5 days, or 6 days within 2 weeks)
  • RTF Examination by DGCA (Radio License has to be obtained before solo flight)
  • For Instructor: Monitor student progress for ground school
  • Indonesian Air Law & Regulation Class
  • Additional class as needed.
  • Discussion
  • Complete Private Pilot Ground School – for Student (ASA)
  • Attending Scheduled Class & Discussion
  • Ground Examination by DGCA
  • Stage-1
  • Stage-2
  • Stage-3
  • Stage-4
  • Student with Instructor make his flight training schedule.
  • Flight training schedule is allocated every weekend from Friday to Sunday.
  • Schedule revision could be requested at least 1 week before the original date.
  • Meet Practical Test Standard
  • Flight check-ride by DGCA


Total Course-fee : US$17,000

Included :

  • Ground School
  • Flight Training 40 Hours (Instructor, Aircraft rent, Fuel, Airport fees)
  • DGCA Ground Exam & License Issuing.

Excluded :

  • Radio Telephony Course & License
  • If exceed 40 Hours: additional flight will be US$350 (solo), US$500 (with Instructor)
  • DGCA Flight Check-ride
  • Admission fee Rp.10.000.000,-.

Payment method :
Deposit per-block hours : minimum 5 hours US$2,125 .
Minimum 2 Hours remaining deposit for released to next flight instruction or solo flight.

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Whether you aspire to fly at the nation’s top airlines or simply love to fly, FlyBest Flight Academy has the right program for you.
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