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Cessna 152.

Primarily used for flght training and personal use, this lightweight aircraft is ideal for understanding your engine, getting to know your surrounding and building flght hours. It is also used for VFR training (Visual flght rules). VFR requires a pilot to be able to see outside the cockpit, to control the aircraft’s altitude and avoid obstacle. Flying Cessna 152 is like flying a manual car, where pilot’s skill and instinct are trained before moving on to relying on instruments. However, though Cessna 152 is primarily used for VFR training, Flybest’ Cessna 152 is equipped with appropriate instruments for students to learn instrument training.

Cessna 172P.

If Cessna 152 is ideal to sharpen pilots’ skill with the help of clear vision of their surrounding, Cessna 172P is used to train pilots to rely on the aircraft’s instrument. In IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) training, students are trained to fly the aircraft with almost zero vision of their surrounding. They will solely rely on aircraft’s instruments to navigate their way, safely. This skill is needed when pilots are flying at night or in any conditions that don’t allow clear vision of the environment.

Seneca PA-34-200T.

Piper Seneca PA-34-200T is used for Multi Engine Rating. Multi-Engine rating opens the gates to new and exciting aircraft. Most high-performance and long-range aircraft have more than one engine. This rating gives you the knowledge necessary to safely and effectively control a multiple engine aircraft with retractable gear.

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