Airline Pilot Pathway Program

We are collaborated with Airline in order to deliver the highest quality possible needed for them.

In this program, we are collaborating with airlines to define the right candidate profile, set expectations, and strategy to fit the needs of Airline in order to deliver the qualities needed for command authority, character, discipline, responsibility, and respect.

Our Airline Pilot Pathway Program takes students through the following courses and ratings:
  1. Private Pilot Course
  2. Instrument Rating
  3. Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Course
  4. Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Add-On
  5. Airline Transport Pilot Ground Theory
  6. Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
  7. Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)
  8. Initial Type Rating A320
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Here's how this program work:

Selection process:

The selection team contain of both Airline and FlyBest specialist will check your personal data (only complete data will be processed), and invite you to do several tests including interviews.

Pre-hires candidates:

After passing the selection, they will make you as airline pre-hires candidates (Airline commitment to hire when you have completed the program).

The program consist of 2 phases:

1st phase - Duration about 12 month effective, until getting Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot License (CPL/IR ME). Then continue to the bridging course, which consist of knowledge theory about Air Transport Pilot, introduction to multi-crew cooperation (MCC) and cockpit resource management (CRM).

2nd phase - Duration about 3 month, Type Rating Course until getting your Airbus A320 rating, and becomes a First Officer.

For the 2nd phase and if needed, FlyBest would facilitate a loan to cooperation bank as you meet the bank requirements.

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